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With a digital universe of possibilities, being overwhelmed by the sheer volume and diversity of products on offer, has become commonplace. The need for an authentic compass that can navigate the complexity of isolating the ideal solution for the individual or business, is required. Within the magnitude of offerings, there is a growing demand to reduce the sales cycle and qualify leads at faster rates. Efficiency comes from swiftly and effectively training sales teams on all products, and the ability to gather accurate client sales information and share this with our implementation teams.

Necessity brought intu-it.

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intu-it The solution


intu-it is an intelligent software that guides the sales process through structured and logical conversations with a simple point and click. It identifies the client’s needs and filters all non-applicable products and recommends the appropriate ones. It provides “just in time” training to sales teams at the point of sale, and shortens the time from lead to qualification. Clients needs are tracked and reported, being the ultimate tool for closing deals.

‘Out of the box’ thinking pioneered progression.

intu-it Benefits


intu-it provides perceptive knowledge that facilitates the reduction in the amount of sales interactions that are necessary to qualify leads, and an increase in the number of qualified sales leads within your sales pipeline.

Added benefits include:

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on-the-job training for sales professionals

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applicable products are identified and filtered

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optimisation sharing of sales information and client responses with your subject matter experts

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