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Red Cloud

Oracle Digital Demand
Generation Sales Tool

The ChallengeThe challenge

IWith the growth of cloud based solutions, sales people are under increasing pressure to sell the right solution to their clients. Identifying the right solution is imperative to not only address the challenges that clients face, but also to ensure that the product is assessed fairly; clients can easily develop negative impressions of the Oracle brand simply because they were sold the wrong solution for their need.This has a direct impact on the development and sustainability of revenue.

The challenges do not end there:

  • Sales people need to have meaningful cloud conversation with their clients about a vast amount of diverse solutions.
  • Sales people need to ensure their pipeline is consistently developed and qualified.
  • The right solution needs to be sold to clients experiencing complex and diverse challenges.
  • Sales people need to create realistic expectations for clients throughout the sales process.
  • Sales teams need to be constantly trained in order to be productive and efficient in the field.
  • Sales teams need to gather accurate information about their client’s needs during sales conversations to ensure that Oracle keeps crafting the right kinds of cloud solutions.
  • Sales teams need to shorten the turnaround time from prospect to the right proposed solution in order to close cloud deals quickly.

SolutionThe solution

Intu-it is a digital demand generation tool that improves the sales process by guiding your sales team through Cloud based conversations using any mobile or smart device like a tablet, smartphone or computer.


  • Assists your sales teams with conducting effective and meaningful Cloud discussions with clients to identifying the right areas to target their selling effort.
  • Aids with the identification of your client’s challenges by filtering all non-applicable solutions.
  • Recommends the appropriate solution based on key questions that have been answered during sales conversations.
  • Provides ‘just in time’ training that creates an awareness of products and services for your sales teams at the point of conversation, significantly shortening the time from lead generation to sale qualification.
  • Tracks your clients’ challenges and decisions and immediately shares them with your subject matter experts, making it the ultimate tool for closing deals.

Bottom line

  • Increase the number of qualified deals logged and tracked in your pipeline
  • Increase your chances of closing more deals, faster
  • Enhance the product knowledge of your sales team at point-of-sale/just in time.
  • Feel more confident in positioning cloud and having cloud conversationsBenefits• Builds a more qualified pipeline by reducing


  • Builds a more qualified pipeline by reducing time from prospect to qualification.
  • Increases your Cloud sales.
  • Assists with positioning meaningful Cloud conversations with your clients to focus sales efforts.
  • Provides strategic product/service information at ‘point of conversation’
  • Enables new and cross-sell/up-sell leads to be actioned.
  • Allows Oracle SMEs to spend more of their time on strategic selling and focused sales efforts
  • Easily filters and identifies suitable Oracle products/solutions/services based on clients’ needs
  • Increases ROI – the value of deal closed versus the cost invested to close a deal.
  • Fits into the Oracle sales – we show where intu-it will add the most value up-front, during the discovery portion.