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ISO certification challenges

ISO certification is a complex, sensitive and admin-heavy process.

Companies have to rely on certification consultants and vendors to ensure successful ISO certification. With so many criteria involved, preparing for certification can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention risky; costly administration errors are always a worry.Considering these challenges, a system to stream-line administration, minimise time and reduce costs, is not only a beneficial evolution, it’s a necessary one.

Solution iconSolution: A comprehensive digital platform to prepare for certification

Intu-it ISO is a comprehensive, intelligent digital platform designed for consultants and vendors assisting companies with preparation for the ISO certification process, as well as the companies themselves.Through structured questions and a simple point and click format, intu-it ISO provides support during the critical stage of compliance analysis. With cloud computing technology and accessibility on multiple devices, the right information is available when it’s needed and compliance needs are captured in real time.


  • Intu-it ISO minimises the time needed to conduct integral aspects during preparation for ISO certification, curbing costs and maximising efficiency.
  • By decreasing the administration burden it reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes.
  • Intu-it ISO is made to address all the challenges faced during the preparation for ISO compliance.

CompaniesBenefits for companies that want to be ISO certified:

  • Check if you are ready for ISO certification by completing a gap analysis and accessing a digital compliance advisor.
  • Access reports that detail your company’s ISO and compliance gaps immediately after completing the questions.
  • Helps you to be ‘more prepared’ for an ISO audit by highlighting your gaps and compliances.
  • Through self-diagnosis, potentially save time and costs during process of certification.

ConsultantsBenefits for ISO certification consultants and vendors:

Benefits for consultants:

  • ‘On-the-job’ access to information means less preparation time needed for consultations and access to reference material at point of conversation.
  • Identifying and recording gaps and compliance during analysis quickly and effectively reduces time wastage.
  • Automatically generated and consolidated digital reports after the session means quicker turnaround times for clients and less administration for consultants.

Benefits for managers:

  • A weekly usage report gives an indication of consultation availability. This is useful when planning resources and allocating new tasks/projects.
  • Contributes to potential cross-sale/pipeline opportunities.
  • Information on-hand could lead to shorter turnaround time for cross-sale proposals to clients.