Case studies


We met with the ERP Executive who is an existing client of the partner. We set up a meeting to discuss potential cloud readiness and possible cloud solutions.

The client was quite clear that they were not very eager to move to cloud services. We had a 40 minute discovery type of conversation, guiding the conversation using intu-it as a prompt. At the end of the session when the intu-it report was produced and explained to the client, their comments included that they were ‘impressed with the level of conversation and questions’ that were being asked as well as the ‘proposed solutions’ that the tool came up with in such a short period of time. They said that the session ‘prompted them to really think about their environment’ and ‘that they were open to having further cloud discussions on cloud possibilities’.

The partner Sales Executive was very pleased with the outcome of the session as he felt that the tool had really helped him to guide a cloud conversation and open the door to further cloud discussions and ultimately increase their pipeline.

In this instance, intu-it provided the platform to ‘open the door’ to a client who previously was quite adamant that they were not interested in moving to a cloud solution.

We were invited to accompany the Oracle partner to an existing client of theirs. We met with the client who was eager to understand their cloud journey and identify where they should be focusing their attention. After the session, we discussed the report and the indicators that the report proposed based on the answers and discussions that we had during the conversation. The client’s feedback was as follows:“I found this session very beneficial as it prompted my thoughts in terms of road mapping strategy for the next few years.”

“I found this session very beneficial as it prompted my thoughts in terms of road mapping strategy for the next few years.”

Intu-it in this instance assisted in the positioning of a cloud readiness strategy and opened the door for further discussions to present Oracle cloud services and solutions to the client.”

During the intu-it session, our client was really only interested in the on premise options. When the on premise discussion was held we uncovered a number of other ‘on-sell’ opportunities that our company could provide to our client. Therefore even though we did not propose cloud solutions we were still able to offer our customer additional services that were non-cloud.

We had the intu-it session with the Executive Human Resources and Technology head and we discussed their business challenges and needs in detail. During the session, we unpacked their needs, and took a number of important additional notes which we recorded into intu-it.

By noting the client’s challenges, we were able to map their needs to specific Oracle SaaS services and when we produced the intu-it report, we were able to share the results with the client immediately. The key benefit of the intu-it session was that we were able to send the intu-it report to a number of subject matter experts who were not in the meeting, and they all received the same quality information to utilise in the proposed solution. The client was able to review their decisions and information immediately after the session and use the report to refine their thinking going forward.

The outcome of the intu-it session resulted in further discussions and follow-up meetings with this client in order to build up the proposed solution. Even though this interaction did not result in a proposal, it did help qualify the lead right up front during the initial stages of the sales cycle.